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“we must inquire about this (i.e. the vernacular) of the mother in the home, the children on the street, the common man in the marketplace. We must be guided by their language, the way they speak, and do our translating accordingly. That way they will understand it and recognize that we are speaking [their language] to them.”

Martin Luther “On Translating: An Open Letter

The Lay Bible Commission is a divine commission, a call to lay believers worldwide to arise and speedily, accurately and zealously complete the unfinished work of translation of the Holy Bible into all languages of the world.

Why has this become necessary? The Bible translation work is the clearest evidence of the Laodicean Syndrome [Rev. 3:15-22] that has afflicted the church for centuries. Since the translations of the Hebrew Pentateuch from the original Hebrew text into the Greek Septuagint [LXX] in Third Century BCE, the combined efforts towards translating the Holy Bible by bible scholars, Christian philanthropists, ecclesiastical councils, ministers, business men and Kings, Queens and Emperors of nations such as Constantine, King James, Queen Elizabeth I etc., and of equal honorary mention, lay translators have attained dismal results. According to the Wycliffe Global Alliance reports, by November 2015 "the full bible was available in 554 different languages... The New Testament in another 1,333 languages ... and at least one book of the Bible in a further 1,045 other languages." This is a disappointing accomplishment over 5000 years by any standard for humanity. This statistic and the increase of 23 full languages translation [from 531 to 554] between Nov 2014 and Nov 2015, is not good enough as the collective work of Christendom for over 2,000 years.

A radical solution is therefore necessary to arrest this completely shocking picture of mediocrity, neglect and lukewarm Christianity, and the consequent eternal doom that had befallen and still befalls many for not trading with or hearing the word of salvation, as the Parable of the Talents clearly illustrate.

Translation is the work of man akin to revival which Charles G. Finney called the work of man. While God invented all languages in seconds, biblical translation is a task he has committed to man. Those expecting God to wave his hand and complete the translation work to all languages of the world in a moment are mistaken and do not know the ways of God. Man must do the work of translation. Although it requires an uncommon command of vocabulary, use of language and the uncanny wisdom to discriminate between synonyms and use words that accurately convey the meaning, spirit, nuance and aura of the words they are representing in the translation. It requires the grace and gift of 'a ready writer' and the anointing. These qualities are in their plenitude among lay people.

Join The Lay Bible Commission to reach the world with the translated text of the Word of God in every language. We believe each language in the world should have at least a vernacular translation of the Holy Bible. We believe that only a commitment by lay people to this divine task for mankind, can result in its attainment.

Our Commission

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Only 10% of the world's languages have the Holy Bible. To make it 100% is our goal.


Translating authentic and authoritative Lay Bible Versions of the Holy Bible in all languages


Mobilizing Spirit-Filled Lay Believers Worldwide in sound biblical translation and collaboration.


Lay Bible is the Most Accurate, Reliable and Readable translation of the Holy Bible Available


Cross referenced and cross checked original Ancient Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts and applying high principles of translation in the fear of God to produce one of the most authentic bible the world have ever seen.


Whether your language is spoken by only 1000 people or 3 billion, God wants you to hear and have his word in your language. In this last days, the Holy Spirit has been poured upon all flesh to fulfil God's agenda.

The Bible in Your Tongue

Partner with us. Translate only 4 Chapters of the Lay Bible to your language in a year and vet the translation of 4 Chapters by 365 others. We can together get the Bible in your language ready in 2years.

To Everyone a Bible

At Lay Bible International we believe in Everyone a Bible: One Man One Bible, One Woman One Bible, One Child One Bible, One Family One Bible, One language One Bible translation.