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Completing the Unfinished Work

Taking the Holy Bible to every one, every tribe, every nation, every language of the world.

" “we must inquire about this (i.e. the vernacular) of the mother in the home, the children on the street, the common man in the marketplace. We must be guided by their language, the way they speak, and do our translating accordingly. That way they will understand it and recognize that we are speaking [their language] to them.” - Martin Luther “On Translating: An Open Letter".

To Every Language

Only 10 percent of the world's languages have the Holy Bible in their language. Lay Bible's Commission is to make it 100%. 'Their lines has gone forth through all the earth, and their very words ... to the ends of the world.'

To Every Tribe On Earth

Whether your language is spoken by only 1000 people or 3 billion, God wants you to hear and have his word in your language. In this last days, the Holy Spirit has been poured upon all flesh to fulfil God's agenda.

The Bible in Your Tongue

Partner with us. Translate only 4 Chapters of the Lay Bible to your language in a year and vet the translation of 4 Chapters by 365 others. We can together get the Bible in your language ready in 2years.

To Everyone a Bible

At Lay Bible International we believe in Everyone a Bible: One Man One Bible, One Woman One Bible, One Child One Bible, One Family One Bible, One language One Bible translation.

Lay Bible is Accurate, Reliable, Readable, Available Worldwide.

Uncompromising Accuracy

Translated by People Like You For Everyone!

Amazing Clarity

Faithful to the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts and translated with easy reading and understanding in mind.

Cross Checked

Cross referenced and cross checked with 45 translations of the Holy Bible in the English language, Ancient and modern Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek spanning about 3,000 years.

Tastefully Packaged

Lay Bible Version of the Holy Bible is packaged to meet the diverse taste of readers and is available in small and large Prints, paperback and leatherbacks etc.

You Can Join Us

Join the Lay Bible Translation Army: a volunteer force of lay believers drawn from every language of the world to translate, proofread and carry the banner of the word of God into every tribe, every language and every nation.

Publish and Distribute

from print to digital, audio, audiovisual and textual, the divine global mandate is to translate, mobilize, globalize and publish into all languages.

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4 Cardinal Mission

unveil the secrets in my word."


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This great adventure or expedition is founded by Rabbi Dele Ikeorha's conviction in God's calling to mobilise a global lay army of lay believers for the translation of the Holy Bible into all languages of the world; as well as our faith in the biblical assertion and revelations that God in these last days shall pour out His Spirit upon all flesh: sons, daughters, young, old, maidservants, menservants, who shall see visions, dream dreams, prophesy, and have the Holy Spirit of the Almighty and of our Lord Jesus Christ resting unquestionably upon them with infallible proofs.

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